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Hello everyone, another long break for me. I'm starting to wonder if I am just over blogging. Even though I want to blog and I have plenty of post content I just won't do it. I know blogs are becoming passe, particularly personal blogs so that may be part of it as well. I want to get my youtube channel really rolling after Christmas... I have finally gotten turned onto youtube, I love casting Fashion Photo Ruview, MissFame's tutorials, and any makeup swatches haha.

I know, today is another review which some may not want to see so many in a row, but even if I can't make myself blog I need to write these lovely products up. And please rest assured I only accept review items I think suit my blog/tastes. I gets offers of reviews and sponsorships constantly but I also put a filter on.

So on that note today I'm going to review some eyeglasses! This is my first time reviewing eyeglasses, but I have had prescription eyeglasses since I was in middle school. I literally never wear them because I'm only lightly near-sighted so I don't often need to, but I do know how glasses should feel and fit, and what styles suit different face shapes. provides the free case and cleaning cloth

I was really excited to try some glasses from because of their huge variety to choose from! Any personal style you have, you'll be able to find matching glasses here. Also they have cheap glasses.

Which I think is an important thing to note! Eyeglasses can get very expensive in the US (esp. if you don't have insurance) and I have a lot of readers still in school/just starting out on their own like me. If you can save some money and look cute at the same time that is the perfect world!

GlassesShop Hatford Wayfarer glasses, also comes in clear and tortoise
I personally chose to get these glasses plano, but you can get whatever strength you need because carries prescription glasses. They have single distance, bifocals and progressive lenses which is really nice, the ordering system is really easy too - it's just a click through that is very simple to follow. You can read all the customer reviews for each frame, which I always make sure to do haha. Furthermore you can pick no lenses and Sunglasses as well!

The style I chose was the "Hartford Wayfarer". I was looking for something similar to the Larme x Alook first series collab glasses. I think these have the perfect shape but I found them to be a longer lense and thinner framed than I expected. I would love to see have the glasses modeled, either on a person or a mannequin. Just something to give context for the glasses shape and size.

You can see they work perfectly with my Larme Kei outfit

But overall I am super pleased. For 30$ I can't imagine getting a nice pair of eyeglasses. Plus has some great deals for the holiday season - right now you can get your first pair free, a great deal for us with light prescription. Or you can also buy one get one free during Christmas. Or you can use GSHOT50 to get 50% off frames with free lenses.

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