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Hi again everyone, I'm posting again and not a review. But what makes the post similar to my other recent entries is that it is fashionably late! Yes this particular pop-up cafe is long gone, but the photos are too cute not to share! If you are in Tokyo and need a pony fix tho there is a nice display at Isetan girl currently!

Well while I was in Tokyo this October I saw this My Little Pony cafe one several of the Japanese twitter accounts I followed, so I did a little Googling and discovered the cafe was located in the Sunday Jam cafe located in the heart of Harajuku. It's quite easy to find, after you've gone down Takashita dori cross Meiji dori and go a block or so and it's on your right in a brick building.

The menu, regular items and special Pony items
But since it was during the My Little Pony pop-up, it was very easy to spot this cafe with it's adorable window deco!. There were also a couple sign boards outside showing the menu, which I find very nice but I had already perused the menu online ahead of time haha. The door also had a pony deco sign, and when you got to the entry stairs it was like ascending into pony heaven.

The cute Fluttershy at my table, she's my 2nd fave of the mane 6
A wall mural
Now I am a MLP collector, I have loved the original retro ones for awhile and when the reboot animation came on TV I got back into it. When I entered there were plenty of tables available, but it was after lunch time so I can't speak to how busy it may have gotten.

I would say about 65-70% of the patrons (while I was there) were foreign women in the mid 20s thru mid 30s. Then a handful of teenage Japanese girls and some foreign families with little girls. I know there were a ton of  English blogs running the new of the cafe opening so I imagine that attracted a lot of foreigners. But thank you god there were no bronies.

Carrot and Chicken sandwich and it didn't have mayo hurray!
The deco was spot on, huge beautiful murals of both G1 and G4 ponies, with little stuffies at each table. I got Fluttershy at my table, but if other stuffies aren't keeping people company you can grab them and bring them to your table. It felt very comfortable, I didn't think it was over the top cutesy but maybe I have a high tolerance? The bathroom was even decorated. There was a UFO catcher with Funko vinyls near the entry and a cutout you could pose with.

The food was decent too. As Sunday Jam serves as a regular cafe most of the time they were competant with food. They also had a healthy choice which amazed me, most character cafes are just sugary desserts and drinks. I got the carrot and chicken sandwich with veggies and soup on the side.

Sorry about the quality but I can prove I was really there haha!
I also got a lovely strawberry soda, mostly just for the photo aesthetics haha, I only had a couple drinks, but the pic looks great right? I personally enjoyed it and character cafes are perfect for going out with your girlfriends, mom, children etc. There's always some sort of pop-up cafes (right now there's a cinnamoroll one) but the Pom Pom Purin one on Takeshita dori is permanent. Make sure to go to one during your trip!

The goods I got, postcards keychain and the coaster from my drink

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