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Hello everyone, welcome to a new year! The holidays and some personal things brought me a lot of business so I haven't been able to do much, and when I have time I don't prioritize haha! I was supposed to have this review up before the holidays so hopefully no one was too sad being denied this cuteness until now.

Today I'm going to show you some supremely cute and useful items handmade by my friend An :D I have known An for awhile now, we were able to connect thanks to the blogging community and recently she approached me to ask if I'd share beautiful works from her and her partner Giang's company Papercute with you. She hand chose these items to suit my style and the taste of my readers so I know you'll love them as much as me!

I'll make this post in 2 parts, in this first part I'll review the non-wearable items and then in the second part I'll show off the amazing headbands.

One of the unique items An and Giang create are these sweet little cards that feature charming hand drawn images with sparkling glitter elements. The glitter is such a nice touch, it adds a pop of color and glitter is deciding factor in whether an item is cute or not haha. The cards also have a nice pun on the front of the card, some are related to specific events and some are great for any time you want to let someone know you care.

These cards would also make great wall art and decorations!
An sent me the Happy Howlidays (which will be given to someone special next Christmas) and the You are Berry Special pun cards. I think both are very charming! The paper is substantial enough but still flexible, with a rustic texture. They are blank inside you can easily customize it with your own message, and stickers!

Some of my other favorite pun cards include: I'm Crazy Pho You, I Loaf You, and Thank you Very Mochi. I wish I could be so clever haha!

An and Giang also sent me one of their hand drawn smartphone straps. These are made of arcylic and seem quite sturdy which is important to me since I hate when straps break or get dirty easily. The straps feature a food theme - donuts and lattes, on which cute animals are transposed. So that means cute penguin and bear donuts :D I received the Caticorn donut, and it really looks kawaii attached to my phone.

Doesn't the Caticorn look great on my phone?
It also comes with a phone jack pug so you can use it with phones that have no strap spot
If you are a gaming person, or have a loved one that is, make sure to shop the chocobo or Pokemon phone straps. They would make a charming gift, you can use my coupon code "SARAMARI10" for 10% off your order. Of course keep your eyes peeled for the second part of this review for even more cute gifts ideas.

In the mean time, you should enter Papercute's current giveaway - featuring tons of cute items like the ones you've seen above. Everyone can earn up to 25 entries and it's open until January 24th so get entering now!

Papercute 2015 Giveaway
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