Good Japanese snacks that're so bad

You know I meant to write about @home Maid Cafe tonight, but after class, I'm honestly just too tired to but brain energy into researching/writing an interesting article haha! Today went really quickly somehow, so there was no chance to blog earlier. Well I did add some bonus coordinates to yesterday's One 7 Ways, so that kinda counts? XD

I didn't want to do another snapshot post, so I thought it'd be good to write about something everyone loves (or loves to hate!) and that's food! Specifically Japanese food, which is some of the best haha.

I want to introduce some of the snacks in Japan that I love and think are good to eat, but are not really the best for your health. I used to eat lots of different types of Japanese snacks, but on my last two trips I really dialed it back. Look at these photos makes me feel like I'm missing out now TT haha!

Fluffy Fluffy dora-yaki filled with tsubu an (lumpy/course red bean paste)

One of my favorite Japanese snacks is a traditional one - dorayaki! Dorayaki has been called the most approachable of traditional Japanese sweets since it's similar to pancakes, while yokan and mochi have more difficult textures/flavors for westerners. I particularly like this kind because it's funwari aka fluffy^^/

Gabuttochoco have such cute faces XD

Close up

For more modern snacks, I really liked these Gabuttochoco chocolate snack sticks. They are like puffed cheetos only with chocolate on them instead of cheese, so they are awesome. I got them at the Daiso, but I assume they are everywhere^^

Meiji Chip Chop aka DA DEBIL!

Like little chocolate tortilla chips, a bit salty too XD

But if you want to talk about a chocolate snack that's addicting, look no further than Chip Chop. Dang those like suckers are so freaking addicting, I ate that whole box even though with each bite I was thinking "no more, I can't eat anymore TT" haha! They were new last January, but I think they've become popular. Like crack they are...

Despite the lure of Chip Chop, I will always have a special love for Japanese breads. They have all these convinient snackable, meal replacing breads of all sorts of sweet and savory flavors you could make a hobby of just trying all the different kinds XD But here are a few of my favorites.

Yomogi fukashi steam bread. Yomogi is Japanese mugwort, and it's soooo yummy. I love that flavor!

Banana cream and milk cream sandwich!

Last but not least, chocolate chip melon bread!! The most yummy of all!

Do you have a favorite Japanese snack? Are they difficult to find near your home?
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