Misdo Angel Teddy Pan

Hi again friends, sorry I have not been updating and replying as I usually would. Thank you everyone who gave me the good wishes for my family, unfortunately I will have to return to the US early for the funeral if there's a spot available on United's friday flight.

I haven't had contact with my mom for more than a day so I'm not really sure what will happen. Anyway, since I am in no mood to write much, I just want to share the photos from Mister Donut I got this week!

Angel Teddy Pan

A new item Mister Donut (or Misdo as its called in slang) introduced on December 27th is called the Angel Teddy Pan, and it is a soft donut (not really bread) filled with super creamy whipped creme.

It comes in three flavors; strawberry, caramel and chocolate, but the real key point of the Angel Teddy Pan are their real teddy bear appearence! They have two eyes and a mouth made out of chocolate pieces and their ears are formed in the donut. As such it's quite hard to eat them! XD

I ate the teddy's poor face XP

Me and my friend picked out the strawberry and caramel flavors. I being a good dieter suffered as I watched my friend eat both, and I only had a bite of each. I thought both flavors were good in different ways - strawberry is a bit tangy as fruit is and caramel is just rich.

I like how Mister Donut is always coming out with new donuts and flavors. I guess that's the case here in Japan that restaurants, conbini etc have to keep making new items to keep people interested^^

Wish I could try these Pon de Ring donuts...TT

Mister Donut also had two new Pon de Ring that looked great, Pon de Double yaki imo and Pon de Soy sauce. Have you tried any Misdo donuts recently? XD
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