tutuHA and GLAD NEWS fukubukuro opened

Hi again friends! I'm not doing so well recently; still tired all the time and eating so much and a relative is not doing well so I might have to leave Japan early. I have had some really fun and interesting experiences recently, but I don't feel like writing alot so I though I would reveal what I got in my lucky bags.

tutuHA fukubukuro

The fukubukuro came in a box with a shopping bag, no specially made bag

The contents all laid out

I pre-ordered a tutuHA lucky bag on the Popteen website. It promised a wool coat, onepiece, hat, choker and small accessory and indeed that's what I got. I was quite happy to get the red coat and black onepiece. I kinda wanted a red choker but black is fine too. It also came with a small blue ring.

Well I enjoyed my fukubukuro until I looked up what people got in the in-store lucky bags. Here's a run down of what basically was in the bag:

Here are some links to blog posts about the tutuHA fukubukuro:
http://blog.crooz.jp/08140715/ShowArticle/?no=758 (also the Gilfy bag, looks great!)

Someone apparently got a different jacket and leggings instead of the wool coat. If I had known the onepiece was different I'd have tried to get it. Oh regret, regret, I knew I'd have it! XD

GLAD NEWS fukubukuro

The special bag, pretty cheap, but not as bad as it looked in pictures

The leopard print fur jacket was the star of this bag. Also there was a black cardigan

Maxi onepiece they couldn't get rid of in the summer fukubukuro, and long shirt

Jeggings and earmuffs

I was basically satisfied with this, but its all quite low quality. I can tell they made these items just for the lucky bag, and they didn't put much effort into them. The cardigan especially.

I'm going to sell the maxi onepiece and jeggings because I'm atleast 10cm too tall for them. So if they look nice to you please look forward to the sale post.
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