Emoda News vol. 5 photos

Good morning everyone, I am so tired! I am trying to keep the same sleeping schedule as my friend, but sleeping from only 2:00 am to 8:00 am is not enough! I just don't know how he can work 14 hours on that small amount of sleep. When I see the other businessmen going home on the train at 19:00 I wonder why they can be so lucky, but not my friend? It's so lonely to eat alone...

But yesterday I went out alone to Shibuya, so that I wouldn't be a gross hermit all day. But I'm not the type that likes to just hang around alone. I walked around the Center Gai area twice, but I was thinking "what's the point of this?" the entire time. I guess I need a purpose to be out, otherwise its just uncomfortable haha.

I did end up spending more than I expected, but I want to give my money to tutuHa while I can haha. I hope I can buy a few more items from them before I leave. I also did a little window shopping, there are some very low price items right now. And as I passed the Emoda shop, I picked up the Emoda News flyer.

So I decided I would take photos of it like I did for the Duras catalog. Sorry they aren't scans, but you can see all the amazing items Emoda is putting out for the A/W season! Lots of very cool and mature pieces. And don't forget to check out the Emoda brand curling iron on the last page hehe XD

I plan to make a better post tonight, but considering I am quite tired and will be spending the day with Rii, I can't guarantee that I will post again. So atleast you can enjoy this small post for sure haha^^
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