What I bought in Japan, week 1

Hi there friends, I'm sorry that I have been so bad about blogging and commenting recently. I really appreciate all the kind comments people gave me on the subway museum post, its so wonderful to receive all that support. And I feel so bad that I seem like an ingrate, I just have to try harder to be my usual internet self again. Today is a bit better I think.

My friend began a new job, and he's working from 8:30 am to 1:30 am so now I have so much time alone. I promise to use this free time to catch up on blogging and commenting. I apologize for not leaving any comments on your great blogs this week, but I started again today so you should see my comment again soon haha^^/

Awhile ago, I can't remember how long ago now since the beginning of this trip seems like a life time away really! Someone asked if I could show pictures of the things I have bought in Japan. I've been a bit crazy with the summer sales, so I have more items than I expected to get. That's why I will write just about what I go in the first week.

Biore Perfect Oil and Dr Scholl's Medi Qtto socks

I purchased some new compression socks, since I left mine back in MN. I really need them on the flights and in this high Japanese humidity because I have circulation problems. I bought "M" size this time because L was not very tight. I got them from Picasso of course, and I also got the Biore Perfect Oil there. It removes makeup very nicely, and hasn't caused any skin problems. I got it after seeing it recommended by Ageha models hehe^^/

Care Bears storage box, I surprised my friend by picking the black color haha

At Picasso I also picked up this Care Bears storage box! It was only 498 yen XO My friend recommended it to me because I needed something to hold all my girly junk. And he remembered I loved Care Bears. It was just thoughtful!

As I am always mentioning, it's humid here in Japan. I personally think thats the real problem, not so much the heat. And for many people humidity causes hair frizz, and I am one of them. I mean my hair starts ok, but by the end of a day outside my hair is just gross. Seriously! So I bought this Pantene anti-frizz conditioner. I certainly paid a premium for the English writing on it! Pantene is a cheap brand in America!

Pantene anti-frizz conditioner. Can't say it works that well...

My favorite eyelashes now!

I have been wearing false eyelashes every time I go out now, which was part of my goal to always go out looking put together. That meant I needed more falsies and I picked the Eyemazing #001 on a whim, only to find they are rather popular (and for good reason!) These are now my fave lashes! Sooo cute XD

One thing I always have to buy in Japan, and that causes me trouble later (heavy suitcases!) is magazines! They are so cheap when you don't have to pay importing and shipping fees. I bought the August Ageha and the 120% RomiKana mook at my local 7/11 XDD

August Ageha, in which they have a BMI chart that I am too tall for haha!

Super cute Kanako and Romihi mook, really cheap too^^

Sorry this post is getting long! But I promise there is just a few more items to talk about haha! On Day 5, as you may remember, I met up with Rebecca and we went to 109. Of course I did some clothes shopping and this is what I came home with:

W*C onepiece, so obnoxious, cute and on sale!

The now famous Tutuha top!

Vanquish t-shirt. What Do U indeed!

Vanquish dot tutu skirt
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