Coordinate post - Days 21, 22, 23 (JT6)

Ugh, so tired and overweight. I don't really understand why I am attracting weight like I am, or why I can't seem to ever sleep enough. I tried to wake up earlier today in hopes of talking with my friend, but after I turned the alarm off I promptly run off to dreamland again haha! Yesterday was a busy day so I guess I used alot of energy? Even now I'm only thinking about laying down in my warm bed...

But before I do any napping I figured it's about time I write another blog post. I know I haven't been as consistant as I was earlier this year, but I will keep trying to post as often as I can. Readership and commenting has been down recently, and I hope its not because of my irregular posting, or the topics I am choosing TT I plan to have a reader survey soon, I hope everyone will fill that out.

I'm not sure if anyone likes seeing my coordinates anymore, but I thought today would be a good day to do another post about my coordinates in Japan.

Day 21 coordinate

Hat: LDS
Tshirt: no brand
Dress: Forever21
Belt: Forever21

On Day 21 I went to buy my cellphone, I had a shopping trip to Lumine EST and did some walking around Shinjuku. It was a fun day, and I got lots of looks (more than usual) I think that hat is just an attention grabber with its bright red color. But I really like this outfit, even though I don't have the chest to fill that dress out anymore.

However the next day was not as eventful or fun, I spent the entire day inside until the very end of the day when I went to the local Daiso. It was on that day I discovered (Ie. made my friend google search) that there was a Daiso shop within walking distance of my place in Tokyo. It's dangerous to have a Daiso close at hand, but it was far enough away to make me feel lazy about walking there haha!

Day 22 coordinate

Hat: W*C
Tshirt: W*C (Mr Banana remake)
Tank: W*C
Shorts: Old Navy

Look at my thin body! I miss it TT Well it may not seem thin compared to what women want to look like nowadays, but it's so thin to me haha. I even tossed those shorts out because they had become 3 sizes too big. Anyhow, that's the type of outfit I wear when I go out to Daiso at 20:00 haha!

Day 23 was another late night activity sort of day, except I got an earlier start and had more plans^^/ I went to a bowling alley 2 stations away, and then I went to the Picasso there, and had dinner at an Izakaya. I lost at the bowling of course, I am not very good at it generally, but it was fun to experience the differences between American and Japanese alleys.

Day 23 coordinate

Hair flower: tutuHA
Shirt: H&M
Belt: Steve Madden
Pants: H&M

I figured I might as well wear some pants since I would be doing some physical activity, and I was feeling monotone that day. I did my hair in a bun but I tried to get a bit more creative by adding some braids to it. You can hopefully kind of see it in the pic below.

Day 23 hairstyle. Yes, I am making a stupid face, I like that! XD

Well I am going to get dressed and resist sleep. Today in a few hours the giveaway is ending so I hoped everyone who wanted to enters by the deadline. I am planning a bigger better giveaway soon, since an important date is getting nearer ^^/
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