Snapshot - Hello Kitty for your hygiene needs!

Well aren't I the smart one? Leaving an assignment I knew about since the beginning of the semester until the very last night. Well atleast I turned it in two hours before the deadline? Can't have been my best work, and whats more I had to cancel my plans with my friend because of my procrastination. Let this be a lesson to you kids - schoolwork ruins your social life! that's not it... haha! XD

I'm trying to think of a smooth and witty way to segue from procrastinating school work to toilet tissue, but I just can't do it! Well let it be known - this post is about Hello Kitty toilet paper!!

Hello Kitty toilet paper! I couldn't have her face staring at me in the bathroom XO

I have seen the Hello Kitty tissue paper around the Japan blogosphere before, since to many non-Japanese it's very curious, cute and/or interesting. When I spotted these packages at my local Picasso, I snapped their pic right away because I wanted to talk about it here. (Oh and they are strawberry scented^^)

It may seem strange to us from countries where the variety of toilet tissue applied only to softness and ply count, but in Japan there are so many varieties of toilet tissue! There are colored kinds, scented kinds, kinds with pictures etc. So seeing some toilet tissue with pink Hello Kitties faces is really not that outstanding XD

The toilet paper I purchase in Japan is pink, with flowers printed on it. Further more it has a flower scent! haha. But that doesn't mean you can't find regular old white paper in Japan, it is the most common as it is everywhere else. Here is a typical toilet tissue display at a drug store.

Only the far right hand paper has a design, but I can't remember which were scented

Maybe a post on toilet paper is not what you were expecting or wanting, but I guess my brains a bit silly from pushing deadlines like that! XD
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