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Good morning everyone! I meant to update last night, but after I got home from school I ate some salad and felt like just going to lay down. We watched the movie "Hurt Locker" in my world politics class and it got my adrenaline all up so after it finished I felt all tired out haha! I don't usually like war movies but I liked the way that one was done with the characters and the events they go through.

Anyway, today's post has been something I've wanted to write about so long! I mean since the day I took the photos I've really wanted to share them because I think lots of people like food photos. And kaiten sushi is so fun! haha^^

The facade of Sushi-ro

Nearby my place in Ichinoe Tokyo there is a Sushi-Ro kaiten sushi restaurant, and it seems rather popular (especially people with not much spare cash). Sushi-Ro is actually a chain restaurant with locations all over, and they like to stress their low low prices in their advertisements hehe! So when you go, go in mind that you aren't going to get top notch atmosphere or cuisine but it's tasty and a fun time!

Kaiten sushi restaurants are different from regular sushi restaurants in several ways. Firstly, the sushi is not made to order. It is made all the time by a chef or robots and set on small plates to rotate on a long conveyor belt. The customers then sit along the conveyor belt and pick the plates up that look interesting to them. You can usually find all the types of sushi you could want passing by, but if not they also take special orders.

A waitress calculating the customers bill. Check out all those empty plates!

The table set up at Sushi-Ro

Smaller kaiten sushi places you just can seat yourself, but at Sushi-Ro you must first enter the number of people in your party into a computer to reserve a ticket number. Even if you are the only people at that time. Then the waitperson will call your number and show you to a see. In this case it was mostly family style booth seating.

At kaiten sushi restaurants free hot tea is provided for you, and you will find a self-serve spigot at your table. Just put a scoop of the tea powder into your cup and add the hot water. Of course you can order other drinks (or grab a juice box off the belt XD) but it costs extra. There are also chopsticks, sauces, everything you'll need at hand.

Hot water for making tea!

Now here's the best part of the kaiten sushi experience - you can start eating immediately! As soon as you see something that looks good passing by, just grab it and start eating! One thing I like to do is grab whatever looks good to me right away, even if I eat it later, because sometimes you don't see them come around again haha. Or maybe I'm just greedy?

Sushi rolling on by XD

All the types of sushi you can imagine comes by at Sushi-Ro, usual things but also strange things aimed at kids like hamburger sushi and corn and mayo sushi haha! Don't be afraid to try something new, there are only two pieces of sushi on each plate so you can always make your friends eat the other piece haha^^/

Hamburger and meatball type sush

Yummy desserts like this chocolate cake are also available

When I visited Sushi-Ro I was dieting so I really restricted the amount of sushi pieces I ate. I have to say it makes the experience less fun by far, when you are surrounded by millions of yummy sushi pieces and you can only eat like four haha TT The cost of your bill is calculated based on how many plates you take. There are different plate types and each type has a different prices. At Sushi-Ro there were only like two types however.

Since pictures are better than any of the words I could sit here and write, so here I will just show you all the types of sushi I ate.

Tamago sushi

Tuna sushi

Candied sweet potatoes

Seaweed and sweet noodles sushi

My friend ordered this because we both like eggplant

Shrimp, avocado, onion, and mayo sushi. Didn't try it but my friend liked it alot.

Baby squid sushi

Egg and marinated fish sushi

There are tons of kaiten sushi joints all around Japan, I really hope that you try one because it's really fun and convenient! You know I used to just hate fish and seafood, but it's so hard to avoid in Japan (even things you think have no fish in them do) Japan has really fresh and good seafood, so it's worthy learning to love XD
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