Pic spam of Asakusa and Sensoji temple

Good...afternoon everyone! I woke up at 10:00 am today, that's so late! I mean, by the time I eat breakfast and check my internet stuff it's already like noon haha! I'm not really sure how to turn around my sleeping issues, but I just have to do what I can with the little time I have left today haha. I will head out to school in about 4 hours.

Well today is going to be another post about Japan! I really appreciate everyone who left comments on my post yesterday about Minnesota life, it was so wonderful to head your kind feed back! I don't have time to reply to comments right at the moment, but I will do that as soon as I can! Despite mixing things up a bit, with your kind reaction, I have gotten a request for more pictures of Japan.

Street level view of Asakusa

So I thought I would share more of the shots I have taken around Asakusa and of Sensoji temple. I have written about these places before in this and this post, but today I thought I would step back and just let you enjoy the pictures without all my many paragraphs of words stuck in between.

Asakusa is one of my favorite places to take photos because of the Sensoji temple of course, but also for the downtown atmosphere. There are also some iconic buildings like the Asahi "poo" building and the Sky Tree off in the distance. You can also often see the Himiko here, as it's the start of the Tokyo River Cruise. So that's why I am going to spam you with Asakusa pics haha. Please enjoy them!

A cute lantern decoration

Oops got caught taking someone's photo...

The pagoda at Sensoji temple

Saw a blimp! Looks a bit nice with the traditional architecture.

Crossed the bridge over the Sumida river

Several iconic buildings together!

Because I don't often share my photos from my earlier trips to Japan, I thought I would add on a couple I took of Sensoji temple all the way back from Japan Trip 1. I didn't take hardly any photos, and they are rather small, but they are night photos so it's a nice difference^^/

Sensoji at twilight

And yummy food stalls!

Well I think I ought to get dressed and do a bit more work before I have lunch and exercise again. Tomorrow is the first day of autumn and I'm really excited about that haha ^^/ Well it's already been feeling like autumn here in Minnesota, but soon the leaves will become beautiful colors and then I can share pic spams of that haha!
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