High bun with braids tutorial

It's a rainy afternoon here, and I mean really rainy! It started last night and has just been going since then. Parts of the yard are flooded and I don't fancy thinking about driving to school in a couple hours. I guess I'd better leave a bit early so I'm not late. I wish I wouldn't have used one of my absent days already... haha!

Well today I am doing a hair styling tutorial! It's not something I usually do since I am not very good at hair styling, but several people requested I do this on my most recent coordinate post. Actually there are several other tutorials that I've gotten requests for, and hopefully I can do those soon too!

Anyhow, on to the tutorial! (just as a warning, I didn't put much effort or time into the drawings, thats why they look just ...so so haha!)

Step 1. Put your hair into a high ponytail
Step 2. Separate two small sections of hair to make into braids

Step 3. Braid the sections of separated hair and tie them off with small hair bands. Put the braids aside so you can work on the rest of the hair
Step 4. Use a comb to tease the remaining hair, teasing it more will create a larger bun

Step 5. Make your ponytail into a big fluffy shape like this
Step 6. Twist the teased hair and shape a bun as normal. Secure with bobby pins and spray with hair spray

Step 7. Arrange the braids around the bun as you like, secure with bobby pins. Make sure the bobby pins and hair bands are hidden than spray again with hair spray. You are finished!

And that's how you make a high bun with braids. The hardest part is arranging the braids and you might have to try it a couple times before you are satisfied with the appearence (atleast that is my experience haha!) I decided to use drawings because I thought it looked clearer, but if you have any questions about the process please feel free to ask me!

And let's not forget it's the autumn equinox. Although summer clothing is nice, I love autumn the very most! Not too cold and lots of beautiful colored leaves! I hope you will have a wonderful autumn!

Happy Autumn to everyone!
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