More romantic rock style T-shirt remakes!

Hi there my friends! How is the weekend going for you? Yesterday was a busy day of shopping, baking, and seeing foxes while trail walking haha. Oh yeah and homework but that's just the after thought XD So sadly I didn't get to update yesterday, but I'm taking a spare a moment to update today.

I would like to share my recent t-shirt remakes today, I previously wrote about my romantic rock tshirt remakes, almost a month ago! I didn't even realize how quickly that time passed, well that just makes it even better timing to share more remakes! I'm getting pretty full closets now, so I don't foresee getting anymore clothing items in the near future.

The middle shirt is the remake shirt before

The first shirt I remade is a shirt that I have had for a very long time without ever wearing. I showed it here way back on Dec 13 2009, it is a grey shirt with a "rock" graphic from Avril Lavigne's clothing line at Kohls. I think it's a pretty cute shirt, although I never found a reason to coordinate it. So I figured it was time for an overhaul.

The After!

So I cut a strip out of the back extending from the neckline all the way down to the hem. After that I measured and cut strips of spangle material trim and sewed the material in to keep the shirt from falling off when worn haha! I finished it up by adding studs. I really think the back looks so cool now with the stripes, but since it's getting cold I wonder how I can show it off?

The second shirt Before

The other shirt I remade was a much more recent purchase. I found this nice Converse shirt back in August, and I thought it was a good purchase since I have no purple clothing. I also found the contrast of the yellow text to be quite nice (am I the only one who thinks of Lady Gaga? It just needs a "bad" haha!), and I got remake inspiration pretty quickly!

Shirt 2 after!

The first thing I did was add some iron studs and rhinestones. I put some studs near the text and added a rhinestone skull near the bottom. Sadly I think I over or under heated the skull so it got misshapen a bit. Oh well, it still has the semblance of a skull haha! And for the hard part I cut out a pentagon shape from the back neckline down.

Tshirt 2 back after

Then I filled in the cut out shape with some yellow lace that matches the yellow text on the front. I actually had yellow lace laying around in my mom's sewing room, so it was a really cheap remake haha! Overall I am really happy, because there is a lot more visual appeal and personalization. But I just have to find how to keep warm with all the backs cut out XD
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