Big Happy Halloween post of photos!!

Happy Halloween everybody!! I know not everyone celebrates Halloween, and it may not be as popular throughout the world as other holidays, but Halloween is one of my favorite holidays^^/

I love the decorations especially, when else can we hang spiders, bats, and skeletons in our houses and not appear strange? XD My favorite holiday is Christmas now, but when I was younger and could trick or treat Halloween was probably my favorite.

This animated gif was something I started waaaay back in 2005. I colored it without lowering my palette to 256, so when I converted it, the coloring got sloppy looking. The animation was rushed this morning, but I think its cute anyway XD

The best part of Halloween is trick or treating. I think the whole concept of that is very innocent and lovely even though it has religious origins. In the distant past, on November 2nd people would go door to door asking for treats in exchange for prayers. The prayers were for souls caught in purgatory, with enough prayers they could get to heaven.

These are some of our Halloween decorations, took these photos many years ago (with a crappy camera haha!)

Later as Christians took over the Halloween holiday from pagans (as they did with many other holidays haha) the tradition of going to door to door for treats was moved to October 31st. And the modern version of trick or treating as we know it has only been around for 80 years or so.

I'm not trick or treating because I don't believe teenagers (and obviously older haha) should be trick or treating. Mind you though, if I was shorter and could get away with it I totally would haha! Although my neighbors go trick or treating, and they are going on 17. They don't even wear costumes anymore, atleast wear a costume!!

I was planning to dress up as a rock gyaru version of Nana Osaki, but I gained a kilo overnight and I'm feeling really crabby and bloated. We'll have to see how I feel in an hour or so. But here's a Halloween photo of me anyway, of the costume I wore to school on Thursday XD

Happy Halloween, and I hope you have a great day!!
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