Yasai Izakaya Nana in Shibuya

Hello, it's the Saturday before Halloween and it's been a busy day. I wanted to blog earlier but I was running around and everything. I think we meant to get more done, but time goes quick as you know. I did carve our pumpkin however. I think this was the latest time I ever carved one before. We won't make the pumpkin into any sort of food, since its not the pie kind, but squashes and gourds are delicious haha.

I'm personally like vegetable, it took me a really long time to come around to their natural flavors and yummy-ness, but I'm really glad I finally did! Vegetables have the lowest calories of all food groups and if prepared properly have more flavor than other foods I think.

Dried vegetables, but they tasted sweet so I think they were candied

The reason I went to the Yasai Izakaya Nana, was not because I am a vegetarian, or because I like vegetables more than other types of food (I love sugar more than anything else) but because whenever people ask me what I want to eat at restaurants I have to say "I can only eat salad"... since I'm dieting ><

Dumpling soup. I'm sorry I can't remember if there was meat in it.

High quality tofu

So when I went out with my friend in Tokyo and his two friends, they picked Yasai Izakaya Nana for me so I could maintain my diet haha. I felt a little bad they went out of their way to find a (mostly) vegetarian restaurant for me, when I'm capable of eating other food and vegetarian places are not the most common in Japan.

Anyhow Yasai Izakaya Nana has a medium variety of foods to choose from, all featuring vegetables. There were plain steamed vegetables, candied vegetables, pizzas, hot pots, dumplings and more. Although the dishes themselves were simple, the prices were quite high as this place was located right on Shibuya crossing!

Pizza, I believe that's ham on there

My favorite item was of course the pizza, pizza is one of my favorite foods of course. I also really liked the steamed vegetables because they came with really nice dipping sauces. The main drawback was the price again, it really restricted how much we could order so we all left hungry haha.

Dessert, not vegetable of course, fruit instead XD

The atmosphere was nice, it has a traditional Japanese feeling with a modern twist. I would say the main point is the location, you are really paying for the place not the tiny vegetables haha! I don't feel like I should recommend this place, especially to budget travelers, but it wasn't anywhere near bad haha.
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