Pic spam of Shibuya crossing at night

Well this week has been a lot of fashion and beauty, I know that not everyone wants to see that everyday and I'm sure many like to see Japan photos. I know I like seeing Japan photos. So I thought today I would just give you a break from coordinates, reviews and blocks of text and just let you enjoy some pretty night photos!

I don't think I really need to say anything as an introduction to these pics. I've written about Shibuya several times (Warzone shopping, Day photos, Hachiko) and I'm sure it's a very well known place by now. Of course I could write up a history of Shibuya, would anyone need/want to read that?

The usual view of Shibuya, can you see the girl in the bottom left hand corner? Great coat!!

It was even in the beginning of Resident Evil 4. Did you see it? When they showed 109 I was all like YAY!! in the theater, and then they blew it up and I was like "Boo, you smell!" haha!

I love the concept of ranKing ranQueen, but I've never been there...

Heading toward 109 of course, but I also really like the H&M in Shibuya

Do you guys remember this advert campaign? XD

It was on the station too!

No, don't go, come back! Haha, I'm so clever XD

Yay, walking people picture

Lots of cute girls in this picture (the lack of huge hair is usual)

I have a harder time taking photos at night because I leave my tripod in Minnesota, but I was considering bringing it this next time in December. I guess it really depends on how much room I have in my bag, and I am going to try my darnedest to just have one carry on bag!!

Which you think is more beautiful - Night or day photos?
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