Snapshot - My two loves, donuts and gyaru!

I thought it would be nice to give you guys something more fun and non-interactive today. I was so pushy making everyone fill out forms and vote etc haha! But I really appreciate all the responses you guy left me, its important because MLD is not just for me - its out there for an audience to read. So the audience is a very important part of MLD.

For a quick fun post, I thought "why not a snapshot?" hehe. And the winning category from the "What's your favorite type of post?" yesterday was "Anything gyaru". As you have assumed this snapshot is about gyaru, so I hope everyone likes it!

Gals getting a snack!

I, for one, am just jealous. I wish I could go into Mr. Donut and order a dozen to go like they did. I can't even eat one donut in good conscious, how lucky those with fast metabolism are haha!

This is the Mr. Donut in Akihabara, which I went to with Thomas and Sakie, which means I will be posting about our trip to @home Maid Cafe soon XD We ordered a couple of donuts and spent some time chatting and watching them make donuts. They have a glass window to the bakery room, so you can make the bakers uncomfortable by staring at them haha!

Here's a few more donut pictures just to make you hungry in case you weren't yet haha!

Coconut cookie crunch donut

Making some chocolate dipped donuts

So warm the glaze is still melting...

The display case
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