Coordinate post - Japan Trip 6 wrapup!

Good morning everyone, oh I got up so early today to bid on an auction I wanted badly but I wasn't fast enough on the browser refreash. Some lady walked away with too good of a deal. If I can't win, I atleast want to ruin it for the other person by making the price high! Haha XD

Anyhow, Fashion Hime Friday took a week off yesterday. I was just feeling mentally like I needed to sit and waste time rather than do anything productive. I'm sorry to anyone who was looking forward to it, it will be on schedule next week as usual ^^

I thought it would be nice to take a break from sales posts (I will be closing those soon) to have a coordinate post, since I finally edited the rest of my coordinate pics from my last trip to Japan. There are some other outfits I wore, but I don't like them enough to post haha.

8/12/10 coordinate

Hat: Tralala
Onepiece: tutuHA
Tank top: tutuHA
Skirt 1: W*C
Skirt 2: Vanquish
Bag: tutuHA
Shoes: Zara (I called them my walking shoes! haha)

This was something I wore when I went to meet Hana in Ikebukuro. I thought it was ok, but people seemed to like it especially because I got double the stares and compliments from friends. I would do it differently if I wore it again haha.

8/15/10, dang I got big arms and shoulders....

Hat: Takara-ya
Dress: H&M
Garter: Doll Kiss

I wore this when I went out with my friend to Shibuya. I went shopping at tutuHA (of course...) and Juho liked it so I didn't care what anyone else thought. But I imagine lots of people wondered if I was cosplaying or something. Haha!

8/18/10 coordinate, sorry it's messy looking, left my iPod on haha!

Crop top: one*spo
Tank top: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
Bag: tutuHA

I met with Hana in Ikebukuro again, as our last meeting together before I had to go back to America again. It was sad, and here I am now in America we can't meet up and we don't talk much. TT

8/20/10 coordinate

Hat: no brand
Vest: tutuHA
Shirt: ANAP
Skirt: tutuHA
Shoes: Steve Madden

Oh hey, another outfit for going shopping in Shibuya and tutuHA. There seems to be a pattern now XD I really liked this outfit because of the colors/mismatching. But it seemed to make the tutuHA staff uncomfortable haha. I guess I am starting too look too much like a stalker XD

I also saw Himena there on that day. She seemed really reserved and was avoiding helping customers. But still it should be good for tutuHA to have a model working for them^^

8/21/10 coordinate

Shirt: tutuHA
Tank top (not pictured): tutuHA
Skirt: W*C

My last full day in Japan or "Barely shoving into tiny clothing" coordinate.  Anyway, on my last day I went to see Inception in theater.

It's so nice to watch movies at a Japanese theater because everyone shuts the hell up! And you reserve your seat so you don't have to rush in to grab a good one (everyone does anyway though..) We had caramel popcorn and a hot dog. I ate all the popcorn, I could hear my friend reach into the empty popcorn box, I felt ashamed XD
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