Bodyline shoes review

For my birthday I got a pink Baby the Stars Shine Bright jumper skirt from my mom. I don't dress in gothic lolita ever, but I do find it to be a very cute fashion style so I thought it might be nice to have one coordinate just for meetups or fun. The dress is a older style sweet loli dress, and I needed some pink sweet shoes to match it.

There is a big problem with me and Japanese shoes, I am a size 26cm and Japanese women do not have feet anywhere near that large. My shoe options are severally limited, one of the few brands that makes loli shoes in my size is Bodyline.

From what I recall Bodyline started out making adult costumes for amorous liaisons (if you get my drift) and realized they could expand their market by producing low-priced loli clothing. They aren't known for high-quality, and some of their items are not authentically loli, but they got the shoes that fit me! Haha

I ordered these shoes in 27cm, they arrived on Tuesday by DHL. The ordering process was really simple, and the items arrived quickly. I read that you should order the exact size of your foot, rather than the shoe size you wear when ordering from Bodyline. Which meant I should have bought 26cm, but I read some people had sizing troubles so I thought I should err on the side of safety. 27cm did turn out to be too big however, and there is a sizable gap between the top of my foot and the shoe. Other than being long my feet are small though.

Cute pink shoes

I didn't realize the straps of the shoes closed with snaps, so I tried to pull the straps out of the heart buckles at first. Haha. Once I realized you can just open them by lifting the hearts I was embarrassed but relieved.

My mom thought they were used when she looked at the quality of them, so don't expect them to be too lovely. But they didn't have any marks, un-even decorations or anything like that. Overall, I am very happy with them, they are cute and comfortable. I need to wear socks with them otherwise they are too loose, but I can walk in them very easily.

Since the price is not so high, I feel at ease to wear them. I tend to not want to wear my expensive clothing items in fear they will get worn out. Do you think I can wear these shoes with a casual outfit, like jeans? Or are they strictly loli shoes?
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  1. wooow <3
    They are totally cute! I love them :)
    But I think they are very loli and they will suit you better with dresses, skirts etc. you know elegant and kawaii things :)

    xo xo

  2. it looks so cute >_< happy bday?
    i'm not sure when is ur bday? it doesn't say anyway

    i don't really know much about lolita clothing.. where do u buy them? online jpanese sites?

  3. wow Pink shoes is very cute!I love it (>v<)
    I think wear these shoes with a casual outfit, like jeans(color jeans or Tights is good !)

    by Snow Girl

  4. Aralka - Thank you~ Now I just need to buy some cute elegant skirts to match with them hehe ^^

    Tutti Patuti - Oh my b-day was over a month ago now *O* haha. The shoes came from this shop

    Snow girl - Thank you for your comment, oh to wear them with colored jeans~ What a cute idea~!

    Ken - Hehe, yes, they are very loli ^^


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