Birthday, new cat and a Contest!

Hi again everyone, it's already the end of the weekend...? Sorry about missing yesterday, somehow my day passed by so quickly and I can't rightly recall what I did. Oh! I did go shopping at Justice (a clothing store for girls like 8-14 haha!) so I will share what I got there later. But today I just want to do a quick wrap up of Friday which was my birthday!

I got up Friday morning and after breakfast I replied to all the wonderful birthday messages I received on my FB. I was honestly so happy to get so many birthday wishes because I don't think I've gotten so many wishes ever in my life (I never had many friends haha). Then I opened up the gifts my mom got me and we ate the sugar-free coffee cake she made me.

My birthday presents. Yes I love my Barbie from 1986 even if I wasn't even alive then haha!

Later in the afternoon my mom went shopping for a coat and nailpolish, but after that we had the "main event" I guess. We went to the Humane Society and played with all the kittens and cats. Many of the adult cats were skittish from probably hard lives, but the kittens were too playful haha! Luckily their teeth are so tiny and not sharp, because they really liked to gnaw!

And in the end we did end up taking a cat home haha! I guess it's impossible to be amongst all those cute pets and not want to get one^^/ We choose the most friendly but not aggressively so cat, which was a 1 year old orange tabby female. She has petite features, very soft fluffy fur, is a bit shy and doesn't seem to understand when you talk to her.

Cat Naming Contest!
So that brings us to the Contest portion of this post! We would like to name this cat, but we can't think of anything good. My moms to give her a very unique name. So I thought it might be fun to have a Naming Contest to name this cat.

Please submit one cat name idea in a comment on this post to be entered in the contest. There will be 3 winners (a first, second and third place) for this contest, and all prizes are cat themed haha! The contest will open until October 9 2010, so please make sure to get your name idea submitted before then!

The Prizes for this contest:

First place prize (with cat paw strap)

Second and Third place prizes

Name submissions will be judged based on creativity, thoughtfulness and suitability to the cat herself. The judges will be both me and my mom, and we will pick our top three favorite names. However a winning submission does not guarantee we will actually use it as the cat's name.

So please take a moment to look over the photos of the cat, brainstorm up one cat name you think suits her and submit it in a comment here before Oct. 9! I'm really looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with!
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