How do you pass time on the train?

Sleepy! I had an essay exam in my class tonight and the teacher gave us 1.5 hours to answer 5 questions and it took me the entire time to write it out. When I have to write by hand it takes me sooo long! Other people had like 5 pages written out when I had 3 done, and there was one girl who come in late and wrote like 8 pages and wanted more time to finish. Well the Middle East is her area of expertise so I guess she had a lot to say.

There were alot of people who finished writing before the time limit was reached so they had to find a way to pass the time until everyone finished and we started the second half of the class. School, in my opinion, is a place you often have to pass the time (but maybe you actually pay attention, unlike me XD) and another place people have to pass time is on public transportation.

People demonstrating all the ways to pass time on the train!

We don't really have much public transportation here in Minnesota, but in the recent years we've gotten two train lines put in. I've never used them, but I use the trains in Japan all the time of course! I can walk to many places around my apartment, but it takes about a hour to reach the fun cities like Shinjuku, Harajuku and Shibuya so I need to think of many things to pass the time.

Commuting by public transport (or driving in rush hour) eats up a lot of time during the week, so it's best to make use of it. And the Japanese people generally use the time doing one of several activities. I would say that number one is playing on the mobile phone! But alot of people love sleeping on the train. When you get off of work at 21:00, you already in the mood to sleep by the time you get on the train. And Japanese people seem to have the amazing ability to wake up right before their stop...usually haha!

This girl just needed a snack. Oh, it looks like a Balance Up bar XD

Everyone likes to take photos of Japanese people sleeping on the trains, so I take photos of white people sleeping! haha!

Other popular activities include reading, listening to iPods, playing the DS and if none of those are available - just avoiding eye contact! haha XP One thing most Japanese people don't do is eat or drink on the trains, I don't think it's a real rule?, just a social rule. But I have observed some drunks, and perhaps just really hungry people doing it.
 And why not? You may be traveling right during a meal time.

If you want to know what my type of man is: it's this guy!! He's perfectly my type, but he had a wedding ring TT

But would you like to know how I pass my train time? Yes, I stare at the cute guys! hahaha! Sometimes there are no cute guys in my car, but one always gets on eventually. Japan isn't full of cute guys (just the same as any country) but they have enough to keep me amused on the train XD

This guy has such a cool and dramatic face, and he gets off at my station too! I've ridden home in the same car with him twice. I am not a creeper, I swear XD 

Do you use public transportation? How do you like the pass the time?
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