Cats in Yanaka to cheer us up!

Hi there everyone, I'm feeling a bit depressed and lacking confidence right now. I know my problem is caused by not loving myself and having low self esteem, so even tiny little things can crush me. When I get like this blogging always started feeling like a chore, a product I have to produce rather than something I enjoy.

So, I when I am in a funk the best thing to cheer me up is looking at cute things and fashion haha. I kinda feel like avoin fashion and such right now, so cute things it is! haha. This post is just a collection of some cat photos I took in Yanaka.

Cats on a sign

Yanaka is located north of Ueno Koen and is a historical part of Tokyo, that was built up around temples. It was a place to go to pray at famous temples like Tenouji and the Kaneiji (Which are still standing). It escaped damage in WWII so it retains it historical feeling and charm!

Some common lucky cat chocolates

Cat Tail Donuts! Kinda like a churro XD

Yanaka is well known for the cemetery sharing its name and located there, Yanaka Cemetery (谷中霊園 , Yanaka Reien). In the spring time it is a great place to go and view cherry blossoms.

This area is part of the area in Tokyo called Shitamachi, and in the past it often attracted artists. This continues to be true today, and you can find many artisan shops in and around Yanaka. It has a crafty, homey and small town atmosphere. Nowadays Yanaka is getting trendy because of these artisan works and quaint charm!

Cat figures for sitting on your shelf

Perhaps you were expecting photos of real life cats in this post, but it's all the cute images of cats you can see when you are visiting Yanaka. Cats are ever popular in Japanese culture, perhaps of their attitude or cute faces? I'm not sure haha! But I hope you enjoyed these photos.

Some realistic like lucky cats

Atleast it cheered me up XD
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