One 7 Ways 5th ed, Blue varsity cardi!

It's time for the new One 7 Ways! Thanks so much to everyone who was so supportive of me yesterday, your comments were so kind! I felt really guilty though like I was fishing for compliments, I sometimes don't realize that when I write things like that it makes me sound emotional? I don't know how to describe it, but the sweet comments were so appreciated.

I'm glad that I didn't let my low mood get in the way of blogging, and I feel much better today. I didn't get alot done, but I did do the One 7 Ways coordinates so that was fun! I had really no inspiration, but somehow I really like the coordinates I came up with.

People seem to respond the most to the coordinates with my taste in them the most, so all of these are coords that I want to wear XD

Style 1: School girl-ish punk
This actually a coordinate I've already worn so it's a bit cheaty haha. I used a leopard print tutu skirt, a fake fur stole and two bracelets.

Style 2: Casual marine
I wanted to do a coordinate with pants, but still rockish at the same time. This is something I'd go to the super market in XD I used a tutuHA graphic t-shirt, cross necklace, marine cap, and two bracelets.

Style 3: The primaries
Man this one is so obnoxious I really love it XD I tried to pick all the most eye-catching items I could haha. I used a tutuHA union jack top, tutuHA tutu skirt, devil horns, choker, chain necklace and bracelets.

Style 4: Cool adult
For this one I wanted a more mature look, but something that was still playful. I used black shorts, colored leopard print shirt, bib necklace waist-mark belt, and two bracelets.

Style 5: Pop skull king
It's kinda rock, it's kinda pop, but it's all awesome to me hehe. I used the skull tank as a onepiece with lace leggings, three bracelets, mouth necklace, choker and military cap.

Style 6: A street look
For a more fun and cute look I used a scarf and ugly cap to brighten this look up. I also used union jack tights, a blue garter, a ribbon hair piece and bracelet.

Style 7: Clashing rock
I used my favorite tutuHA items, which are often popular, but I used a yellow leopard print t-shirt to offset the monotone. I also used a hair flower, choker, cross necklace, and three bracelet.

I hope everyone liked this edition of One 7 Ways, I personally like it best out of all I've done so far. I guess because it's the most "me" haha, maybe I just need no inspiration or desire to produce good coordinates haha XP
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