The upper eyelashes I'm using

Time for a little post XD Well I've been thinking of doing this post for awhile, and there's not really much to it so I decided to just post it up right now! I don't usually post close ups of my face, or atleast I try not to as much as I can so probably nobody is noticing my eyelashes haha.

But I do try to wear eyelashes as much as I can, the more you practice the easier it is to apply them, so wearing them everyday helps making the application process smoother. I don't use any tools to apply my eyelashes, just my own hands.

I didn't know so much about eyelashes when I purchased these ones I'm currently using, but in these past couple of months I've paid more attention to the beauty sections of the gyaru magazines. So I have a eyelash shopping list in mind XD

Anyways, here are the lashes I use:

I had to harvest an image of the EYEMAZING lashes because I left mine back in Tokyo. But they are my favorite type haha. I really like the Diamond Lash Angel Eyes because it shows up really nicely in photos, but it does look a bit strange in real life...

The Perfect Baryu ones...well I didn't know what word they were trying to write in katakana haha! They are just some bulk eyelashes I got at my local Picasso. I picked them because they looked good to wear to school and such^^

I plan to buy some more Diamond eyelashes, and especially I want to try lots of new kinds of bottom eyelashes! XD
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