December Popteen Picks!

Hi there again! What a day! Oh well, I guess that's something you usually say when you've done alot, and I did absolutely nothing today at all. Its kinda baffling how an entire day can pass so quickly without anything happening haha.

Well I did manage to get the GLAD NEWS fukubukuro (grab bag) after annoying my poor friend to order it for me. If you want to read more about the fukubukuro available on 109's website yesterday check out Sami's post!! Of course tutuHA didn't have any up online >< I have to brave the crowds on Jan 2 TT

My last post was a small one, and so this one will be as well. I figures I'd better this one up since the December issue of Egg and Ageha got scanned in. I do support the magazines tho, I have the Egg and Ageha waiting for me in Tokyo haha!

Honestly there is not so much for me in Popteen, it's a lot of sweet style and what I would call "Dolly gyaru" - melding of dolly kei and gal styles. So there was kinda slim pickings. I had to include the pic of Morimayu of course XD and the one with the plaid top is sooo obnoxious! XD

This set has a lot of different styles on one image I think. I love the far left one best, but Rui's outfit is really cute. The girl in the pink and black lace top, that style is not mine at all but she's sooo cute I had to include her anyway hehe!

I generally like the outfits in this image the most, skull graphics and tutuHA! I really like the look with the fur bag second from the right, I saw a really nice fur bag at Claires but I didn't get it...regret!!

Ok, it seems I'm going to do my magazine picks regularly, I hope that doesn't get too boring, but I will always try to do original content in addition. Haha^^
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