tutuHA tuneIN vol. 1 (img hvy)

Hello and happy Sunday friends. Sunday is always a bit sad because the weekend is over and we have to start another work week. But I thought I could make Sunday a bit more exciting by doing a new series "tutuHA tuneIN"!

Unlike my other series this one won't have a specific posting day, just whenever I collect enough pictures and info. Further it's in a graphic format, kinda like a magazine haha. I'm not anywhere near a graphic designer, and I didn't put in a big amount of effort so please take it easy on the layouts XD

This is for my tutuHA fans! Please enjoy!!

Please take some time to visit Hiki's blog, Miyuni's blog and Chiara's blog! They have fabulous style!! Thank you guys so much for allowing me to use your lovely photos XD

If you have a tutuHA coordinate, news, or items and would like to be featured in the next tutuHA tuneIN volume please contact me!

I know tutuHA is not everyone's taste, but I hope for those who have some interest in tutuHA and rock style will enjoy what I have put together. Its really also for myself since I love tutuHA so much haha ^^;;
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