My picks from Egg 11/2010

Hey! I wonder if this is a filler post or not? Well it's ok because I'm going to have the Fashion Hime Friday up later, and that's a good main event. This is just like a bonus to celebrate the Friday before a holiday week (Thanksgiving, yay no school!!). I have so many things I want to write about recently, I just had to post this!

I know other people have posted their favorite coordinates from magazines, but I really got inspired after reading Shawna's post of her favorite Egg coordinates of November. I was thinking it was a cool idea beforehand, and when I saw her post, I really wanted to do it too!

You might see a couple coordinates that we both love XD

In this first set it seems that all the coordinates have fur or leopard print! Haha, I guess my mind is really focused on those trends? And three out of four have short shorts, which I can't pull off but I can like them on others right? Man I really want some monster fur leg warmers...

And this group seems to be a lot of red points haha. Red is one of those colors that just grabs my attention I guess XD The vertical stripe cardigan is similar to what I already have, but I just love vertical stripes so much. I guess my fave of this group is Non-chan's simple leopard coord. So cool!

More red, leopard and fur. One track mind? XD I think my favorite of this set is the second from the right, with the black tutu skirt. I would change those black ugg boots to heels though.

I hope this can be a fun post despite not having much content. I like seeing people's taste in magazine coordinates, maybe you can understand my taste/style when you see the coords I picked. I will probably do more of these when the Dec issues of Ageha, Egg and Popteen come out^^
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