Coordinate post - November part 6 + Gets

Good day! Yesterday was another long day of helping my mom shop, she's lost a lot of weight like me so she needs to update her wardrobe every so often as she goes down the sizes. My role is to offer a second opinion hehe, so we shopped from 12:30 until 19:00 or so and I just got home, and went to bed.

There's a lot of other types of posts I have planned/want to do, but we are getting closer and closer to being up to date with my coordinates so I would hate to skip one now. I think around this point of November my outfits are starting to improve a bit. I hope you enjoy!

Jacket: Forever21
Onepiece: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
Boots: Steve Madden

I wanted to make a rock agejo look, kinda based on the spicy outfits Himena was in in the December issue of Ageha. She was wearing the shocking pink tutuHA babydoll, while I have the blue. I wish I had the white, pink or red one now haha!

Cardigan: Forever21
Top: tutuHA
Skirt: tutuHA
Boots: no brand

And then it's back to a pop outfit. I was into these bold primary colors in the summer, through the fall, but recently I heading towards white and pink for the spring season. I still like looking back on this tho, and my legs look thin so yay.

Hat: LDS
Vest: tutuHA
Shirt: no brand
Arm warmers: tutuHA
pants: no brand
Shoes: no brand

I can only describe this as a casual outfit. I know alot of people don't like arm warmers, but they are in a lot of tutuHA, MA*RS, Golds infinity etc tops and dresses. I think they can be cute.

Anyway, to change things up a little here are some more of the items I got in Japan as well as the things I got since I returned home. All sorts of nice spring items are catching my eyes, but I'm trying to be really selective with my purchases.

A tutuHA set, Juho said the items I picked were really nice (happy!) although I really wanted to get the white version of this skirt, and when I went back the next time it was sold out. Should have got it first I guess...

A shirt from Ghost of Harlem that I got for 1,000 yen

Some more tutuHA items, skull off-shoulder top (Juho said pink was the best color for me XDD) and 2 crosses

This dress is from Hot Topic, I saw it before I headed to Japan but decided to save money. Then I saw when I saw Michi's post where she was wearing it recently, it really tipped the scales haha. Also some black pumps and bracelets.

And I also got this new dress and belt. Yep, its a negligee for Valentines, but its opaque and will look good with a tutuHA skirt and cardigan. I don't care if I'm using underwear as a dress, I love that color XD
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