One 7 Ways 9th ed VOTING!

Oh yeah, we do One 7 Ways every week on Tuesdays don't we? Oops! Well I picked Tuesdays last semester because it was a free day for me, but now I actually have class on that day, a hard class, and now I'm often losing track of what I mean to write about TT

I know some people like this series, so I hope nobody minds the voting is a couple days late, at least I'm putting it up and not making the shifty eyes hoping you'll forget haha!!

Well this week I came up with a bit of a theme I guess, every item is something that could be used (ie has been used by me haha) for a mode style coordinate. So I am calling this edition the mode items edition!

Items for this weeks vote

A. Asymmetrical cardigan
B. Lace over shirt
C. Patterned pants

Please take a quick moment to vote in the poll below, and which ever items receives the most votes will be the item I coordinate next Tuesday! I think that this weeks vote won't be as close as the last one, but I hope everyone enjoys the items I picked out this time^^

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