A funny discovery in our small world

Hi there, I have something quick to share with everyone (I'll post something proper later, but this was so interesting to me I had to share it alone haha) It's something I came across recently, and it shows how small the world can be sometimes I think XD

So a couple days ago I was looking through Tricia's FB photo album of the Big Gyaru Me2 and I noticed something in the background of one the pics, it caught my eye as something I recognized...

Look at the girl in the tutuHA mimi cap

It was a girl, not a girl I knew but one that I had seen before! Do you see her in the upper middle behind everyone?

But where had I see her? It was on my tumblr! Just a couple weeks ago I reblogged a coordinate shot of this girl, and she was wearing the same exact outfit and hair style in her photo as Tricia's photo...

I reblogged this picture of her

I think it's quite interesting that some random gyaru girl whose picture was circulated on tumblr was in the same place at the same time wearing the same outfit. I just thought it was funny to share haha XD
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