When I made okonomiyaki at home

Hmm, it's 22:00 and I'm so tired, and depressed...it's just that time, but I really feel like curling up and doing nothing! I've done nothing all day but that doesn't mean I want to stop haha!

But until then, let's think of fun thing and yummy things! I'm doing an Atkins type diet right now,so looking at food is often the closest I come! Well one of the yummiest foods you can have in Japan is okonomiyaki, atleast a lot of people think so! Once in awhile during my trips to Japan I like to have it.

A main ingredient in okonomiyaki - cabbage!

I've tried okonomiyaki from restaurants, diy restaurants and festival stalls...what other way could I try it? Home made of course! I can't honestly say I remember how I got the idea in my head, but when I told my friend he was very helpful buy purchasing the necessary ingredients.

Okonomiyaki sauce, tiny mayo and bonito

We needed cabbage, meat, sauce, mayo, seaweed and batter. The batter is made of okonomiyaki flour, a special type of flour used just in this preparation. Anyhow on the package that my friend picked it said something like four servings, but I think it was more like four portions because...

This is how much it made!!

Well what did I do with these big bowls of batter and cabbage? I put an entire bowl at once into the pan. Needless to say the okonomiyaki got too big to flip and I made a big mess and ruined it. So then I went off and cried because it annoyed my friend and he had to cook the rest alone TT

But the ones he made turned out great. Luckily he's not as inept as I am haha! They tasted perfect, just as good as any other kind I've had before. They were filled with pork and shrimp.

The finished product! Mine don't have mayo since I hates it

Have you ever tried making Japanese food at your home, (for me it's easier to do so in Japan where all the ingredients are close at hand haha) How did it turn out?
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