One 7 Ways 9th ed, Lace Overshirt!

Hi again! It seems like I'm going to have to move One 7 Ways a day ahead, to Wednesday, because there's not much time on Tuesdays for me to get everything done with that annoying philosophy class. I will try to post something on Tues and not skip it anymore, but 07W is too much haha.

Anyhow, last week the Lace Overshirt won amongst the mode items voting with 39% of the votes. I'm glad it was the winner as its probably the most versatile/common of the items, but I still had to think alot to come up with these coordinates.

I think my inspiration wasn't so good, and I tried to make a variety, so I'm not sure how strong these are haha.


Style 1: Winter and spring
I think my concept with this one was grunge transitioning to spring? Haha, anyway I really wish I had a floppy hat now, because it wouldve looked better. I used a green spangle tanktop, white maxi skirt, russian hat and cross necklace.


Style 2: Cooled red
This is a casual outfit with pants, but the red tank top underneath should add some visual interest to it. I also used two necklaces and a hair tie to hold up the shirt.


Style 3: Pop retro girl
This is actually my favorite of the lot, I wanted to do something kinda Retro Girly since its gonna be the look for spring. The cardi gave it a pop-ish twist, and it looks really wearable to me!


Style 4: Rock or hip hop?
This is an outfit featuring shorts, the necklaces give it a rock look, while the hat makes it more casual. I also used a white undershirt.


Style 5: It's simply sweet!
This type of shirt may not easily lend itself to the sweet style, but I tried it out! I like the results, but it needs some kind of hat I think. I used a floral dress, brown belt and pink cross necklace.


Style 6: Pink points
I made a rock outfit of course, this time featuring my color for spring - pink hehe. I used the leopard cardi, black tanktop, pink tutu skirt, pink hair bow, choker, and pink cross necklace.


Style 7: Heavy metal
Another casual outfit with shorts, mixing khaki with grey here. I added a metal necklace and pins for some interest.
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