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Hey sorry my friends, I wasn't able to post last night because I got a bit of food poisoning and it was really distracting to me. Well I am still sick, but I figured I'd better blog now in the morning while I still have energy. However this might be a bad topic to pick because the very thought of food makes me sick haha.

I previously introduced the Tokyo Dome City in this post, in which I mentioned there are many things to do at the Dome City including restaurants. You can certainly find any type of cuisine in any atmosphere you'd like, but for a quick snack I'd bet the Moomin Cafe is the most charming place to eat!

You can easily spot the Moomin Cafe by these plush dolls outside

The Moomins are characters from Finland, called Muumi in Finland. They are white trolls who kinda look like hippos and debuted in 1945, they were introduced in a book series and comic strip by the Swedish-Finn author Tove Jansson. Since their creation they have become very well known and beloved in Finland, Europe and Japan too XD

I'm not sure how they were introduced to Japan, but since Japan is a character loving country it's not surprising at all that they would catch on!

Some of the breads at Moomin Cafe, not as pricey as they could be

In the Moomin Cafe you will find a variety of breads and sweet baked goods that can be eaten in the cafe, outside on the terrace or taken with you. Most of the items in the cafe are standard breads you'll find at any cafe, but they do have some special Moomin shaped ones and Moomin goods.

Tomato danish and petite quiches

The charm of the Moomin cafe is its atmosphere and interior, which is made to be cozy and European-like. Its dark but inviting, and decorated with very cute Moomin things haha. I personally didn't buy anything, so I felt bad to take a lot of photos, that's why its a bit sparse.

I really recommend stopping by the Moomin Cafe if you are at Tokyo Dome City, it's unique and charming plus it has breads! If you are a real Moomin fan then you really can't miss it, although it might be a bit out of the way just for one cafe haha.

This Moomin invites you to eat some bread! (well not that bread, its been out all day XD)
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