Meeting gals in Minnesota & curly up-do!

Hi there, I'm checking in again with a quick post just to share some pics of yesterday when I met up with Justin and Miri of Bulaklak Tribe again. I will update again later tonight with the vote for the 10th edition of One 7 Ways, since I haven't put it up yet... oh yeah, its Thursday already TT

Anyhow, I met with Justin and Miri again, our first meeting was after several months already! Its really my fault, I'm always having to take rain checks. I'll be even more busy now that my internship started, but I really hope we MN gals can meet up more often.

The bulk of our meet involved Miri styling me and Justin's hairs - and she did a great job indeed. I let her decide the style and she picked a curly updo, something I certainly would never be skilled/patient enough to pull off haha.

btw, these are the same lenses I reviewed a couple days ago, they are not so shocking blue in natural light 

I think Miri is really great at making hair styles, and that's great since she's thinking about cosmetology school XD I'm not sure if I am suited to such elegant hair, but its very pretty hehe^^

If you want to come meet some gals and me in Minnesota, Bulaklak Tribe is hosting some upcoming events right here in the Metro that should be quite fun! In May there'll be a 2 day event visiting many fun spots, and in April they will at the local anime con Anime Detour.

You can see more on their blog.

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