Have you eaten this??

Good night everyone, I didn't want the dumb Manifesto meme to be the only thing I posted up tonight, but I'm getting all tired. I've been quite tired all day, I guess it comes from being in a bad mood, but I wanna sleeeeep XD

Anyway, onto the question at hand, have you ever eaten this before?

Well if you haven't - don't! Haha! This is a type of seaweed that comes floating is a super slimey salty ooze. It seriously has the texture of snot with all the briney taste of seaweed XD

To be fair some people enjoy it. And I don't find the taste of seaweed bad, its just the texture... You can slurp it and it all oozes up together...

Ok, found this out through several kind people, it's called "Mekabu"! My friend said its quite healthy, which I believe. And he also said the clear ooze comes from the seaweed. The ooze comes out when you boil the seaweed!

Anyhow, this is an example of the healthy food I eat in Japan, though it can be quite difficult to stomach XD
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