New gets in the land of plenty

Yay, here's a quick post for all of you all XD I'm really happy that people loved my recent coordinate and the sakura photos. It lifted my spirit to hear the positive response because I really felt my posting was not interesting enough recently.

Anyway, I went shopping yesterday since Ulta lured me and my mom in with their cute easter baskets. You can get a basket and fill it with 5 of their items for 10$ I chose some lip glosses and bubble bath, and my mom picked the other 3 things.

So I also got that purple Orly nail polish while I was there. I didn't have any colors like that. The bubble bath is orange jelly beans scent so it smells so good!

And finally I picked out some NYX eye shadows. I think that NYX has become one of my favorite brands, everything is low-cost but the quality is still quite nice. I picked out the "Smokey Eyes" palette (it was 6.50$ on sale) and the Ocean Breeze cream glitter palette (4.50$)

I was inspired to get that blue/teal palette because of Rii, I don't think I can pull off the colors like her, but they are so enchanting!

New shoes! Had to cover up the cat hair on the rug...

The Ulta we go to is next to a DSW, what a terrible combination!! So we went in to look for shoes for me Ma, and of course....I couldn't leave empty-handed ^^;; I got some awesome wedges just as I wanted and nude sling-backs.

Now I have to say, I have too many shoes, really I keep saying it but this has to be it! haha!

That is my current collection minus the shoes at the Tokyo apartment I always stay in XPPPP and my sneakers (so about minus 10 more shoes...). I don't even wear many of these often.

It reminds me how lucky we are in the developed countries to have many multiples of luxury goods when so many people can't even cover their backs. Fashion has made me so materialistic TT
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