Sakura photos from Ichinoe

I don't know about you but for me the weekend passed by so quickly. I did some shopping again today, so I'm gonna post up another gets post soon haha.

Today its quite warm and rather humid here in Minnesota, its really feeling like spring. Maybe even summer like XD so I think today is the perfect time to share these sakura photos!

Sakura trees and a citrus tree too XD I wish I was seeing this irl!

Sakura are cherry blossoms. Tree flowers are generally short lived blossoming into the fruit that will spread the seed of their species. So sakura are beloved for their fleeting beauty (sorta like a metaphor for life).

Flowers on the tree, flowers on the shrubs. It really looks like spring!

I have never been able to travel to Japan during spring before, so I can only admire the sakura through photos like theses.

Perhaps you noticed from the title these photos were taken in my neighborhood Ichinoe by my friend. I never knew these trees lining the way to the station bloomed so lovely in the spring!

Oh how I desperately wish I was there....TT
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