Thrifty finds in a Japanese Recycle shop

Yay, posting two days in a row, what once was usual now seems so exciting haha! XP Moments like Diamonds was nominated next to Agepoyo and Universal-doll in the "Best Blog Content" in the Gaijin Gyaru awards. I feel ashamed!! XD

My blog is just a personal one, not a informational like Universal-doll or reporting type like Agepoyo. But I will do my best to write interesting things like I used to! Thank you so much for your continued support m(_ _)m

Entrance to the recycle shop

So today I'm going to talk about thift store/recyle shops in Japan! I don't have much experience with them, though I used to go to thift stores in the US alot (to find 80s toys haha) So I don't feel like a huge novice XD

These photos come from one particular recycle shop that I stopped by on the way home from that local matsuri. I never had been inside one before so I was interested in the items and prices.

Used rice cookers

Used fridges with odd junk in the background XD

Of course this is just one shop, so I don't know about average recycle shop prices, but this particular one didn't seem like a great value to me as an American haha. The electronic devices are what most people go looking for at recycle shops I imagine, because electronics are ridiculously expensive in Japan!

Plush tiger, indian chief carvings, taxidermy duck and a surf board...

The prices of the rice cookers was about 75$ for a used higher end model, a new one I guess would be about double that price, but I feel a bit gutted to spend that much on something thats already been used haha! And the mini-fridges were around 140$ used, here in the US you can get a new mini fridge for about the cost of that rice cooker.

But the electronics are not really the interesting things in this recycle shop. They had a ton of odd things and kitschy decorations. Like a giant stuffed bear, Indian head dresses, a kayak, wet suits etc.

Left over anime figures

I took some photos of the toy department aisle. They had lots of anime figures still in boxes mixed in with regular kids toys. Of course everything was just cute and so, but this Sailor Moon doll...

Should've made that profit haha!

It was just 1,050 yen and they sell for around 75$ to 100$ on ebay XD I didn't have money with me and I never went back. What a nerd I am. I wonder if its sill there?

Well they didn't have many clothes or toys really, so I guess this was a household goods and interior decoration shop XD It was fun to look around, though I don't think I'll ever need to buy a fridge in Japan haha!
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