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I'm not going to write about trends anymore, since this is a personal blog I feel its confusing if I make news type posts. But I will instead write about an item that I would like to buy haha! That's personal right? XD

Personally I'm not sure what defines a logo t-shirt, rather its more like I recognize them by their aesthetic. Generally logo t-shirts are a solid color (mainly white or black) featuring a solid color logo that expresses a brand with initial letters or short writing.

Well something like that anyways haha!

I got interested in purchasing a logo t-shirt after seeing a great coordinate featuring on in a recent issue of Nuts. And in fact it was the Nuts x Galstar logo t-shirt above. It's the cheapest I've see as well^^

Lip Service (2,940Y)

Another point of logo tshirts is how they tend to copy major haute brands like Chanel, YSL, etc. Sometimes it quite blatant and others have their own original design.

But in either case the charm of logo tshirts are their eye-catching look, the simple colors and clean graphic make them stand out against graphic t-shirts. I feel like bold but simple things are really interesting to me right now^^/

Egoist's logo T which is always sold out XD (4,095Y)

Vanquish (3,675Y)

I love all the shirts I have posted up, the Egoist one especially seems popular/cool. The MA*RS ones are great because they are sets. But since I have some store credit I'll probably just get this one below haha!

PS. I used all white shirts because they are my preference!
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