Deep color room decoration

Wow, its just 20:26 and I'm already totally ready for bed haha. As I get older I definitely can tell my ability to recover from illness slows down TT I mean it doesn't take me a month to get over a cold or anything, but I was always over illnesses in a couple days before this year.

Well when you've got a cold, it's chilly outside and you're feeling a little creative decorating your room is a good idea. Actually I came up with the idea to change my room just before going to DisneyWorld and I did a bit of moving but yesterday I really got everything set up as I wanted.

Blue fabric on my tall dresser, not much can fit with the slope of my walls so I just put my rings and current magazines there.

And purple fabric on my short dresser, with a mini cabinet that I used to use as a photo prop haha! The clear plastic caddy was from Border's closing sale for 1$

First I moved everything cute, pink, 80s etc to the far end of my room. I then changed all the fabric on my dressers. One way I like to decorate/theme my room on the cheap is adding different fabrics on flat surfaces. I had pink fur, and cutesy printed towels before and I switched them to deep blue and purple satin, white fur and lilac knit fabrics.

My jewelry area got updated with a vase and earring tree, the tree's not my taste but it was just 1.15$ from the thrift store and the right color^^

I really love the vase filled with purple, clear & blue gems. The purple Gloomy bear is also a fave XD

Then I brought back in sold of my old decorations from my minimalist phase a few years ago. Glass vases, candles, Murua bags and other appropriate colored jim jams. Though I have too much stuff, it comes in handy when I suddenly change my mind like this haha.

New decorations around my TV, the black gate is an old Halloween decoration and the silver star was a graduation gift from my mom

I still wanted a couple more things to re-enforce the deep color theme. So I went to the Halloween sales. I got a black plastic goblet and a few blue and purple "tings" - those little stick things you put in vases. It was totally 8$!

Murua bags, and a Dolce & Gabana print ad

The goblet filled with tings and a nice picture of gold and silver accessories

I would still like to get a couple blue candles, but otherwise I'm quite happy with the result. It looks clean, cool and adult. Deep blue always appeals to me, and plum will be a color this winter so this feels timely haha.

Speaking of winter, is Christmas stuff all over the place where you live? All the decorations are in stores, Christmas commercials are already playing and Christmas giftsets are already available. I guess retailers need more sales :/
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