Winter tastes, smells and colors

Wow, hey! Sorry to be behind again. I'm going to have to figure out how to budget my time now that have a job. I'm so used to having plenty of free time outside of my school work, now I'd better make a schedule for myself :/ Especially since I'd like to start exercising again.

Last time I posted I had remarked that all the Christmas stuff out already. The malls are already all decorated and the stores are all doing holiday season sales. It's hard to resist the feeling that it's winter already! Even though its still Autumn, I'm getting into winter things haha.

Though its not a winter taste per se, this Sea Salt Soirée chocolate bar is apparently new and it's flavor is rich like winter foods. You may be thinking "Salt...with chocolate?!" but the salt really blends with the dark chocolate to make a deep flavor.

On to the scents! A couple days ago I got a coupon from Bath and Bodyworks in my email for 10$ off of 30$. So I went onto their website and found their large candles are 2 for 30$ and they'd released all the winter candles. I'd gotten the urge to get a winter candle to burn in my room (tho I never wanted to before haha) and I ended up with the "Winter" scent XD

It's described on the website as "A festive holiday blend of shimmering pine, orange clove, crisp bay leaf and warm winter woods."

It makes sense I picked this out of everything because I wanted a pine scent and I like clove smell haha. I also liked: Merry Mistletoe, Twisted Peppermint, and 'Tis the Season

Because it's an evil shop of wonderful smells I couldn't escape with just a candle. I picked up these "travel" size body sprays - Twilight Woods and Dark Kiss! Twilight Woods is a top seller, and I can see myself buying more products in these scents soon XD

And finally the colors of winter! It may be red and green, blue and silver, gold and silver etc for you but in this case let's explore the winter cosmetics colors haha! Winter usually brings in the darker colors in cosmetics, and I'm happy to see plums coming up, and dark lips.

These scans from the November Jelly really caught my eye and inspired me to use my purple eyeshadows more. Also I did gold nails last week, but today I put on a dark maroon color.

What are the tastes, smells and colors that define winter to you??
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