Asakusa to Odaiba - interesting shots of life

Hi again. It's gotten quite hard to blog, I know its gotten really boring around here and I deeply appreciate everyone who's sticking around and supporting me. I do want to improve, but things are getting a bit stressful in my life and I'm not sure what to do. I did take some photos today that I think will be fun so stay tuned!

Continuing the little series on Odaiba I've been writing about the past month or so, here and there, I have some more nice photos to share before I move onto some other lovely Japan writeups! I also want to show some interesting shots from Asakusa, because that's my usual starting point to get to Odaiba island^^

The kimono and architecture make it look like a photo of a time past XD

A rickshaw ride should be fun if you can handle the attention!

I travel to Odaiba via the Tokyo River Cruise, which I have written about Here. Odaiba is most easily reached via the Yurikamome line from Shimbashi Station. But for the scenic route you can't beat the River Cruise.

Caught a glimpse of a Japanese Coast Guard boat, never saw one before

It's also a great way to see two major tourist areas in one day if you are on a tight vacation schedule. Of course you can spend all day in Asakusa with all the interesting things to see in the area. But for me, having been to Tokyo so often I don't have much left to see there, and relaxing on a boat suits me fine.

On the most recent Tokyo River Cruise I took (yes I've taken several haha!) I almost fell asleep. That's how relaxing it is for me!

Spotted this adorable Sanrio sign in AquaCity

Odaiba has a lot to do too, but more modern things than Asakusa. There's shopping, an Onsen, Cat cafe, Hello Kitty theme area, Toys R US etc so it may appeal to younger visitors more. Honestly, I don't feel there is much more I can say about Odaiba as I have written about it many times before. So let's just enjoy a few more fun photos!

Jun Komori advertises Sega Joypolis amusement park (in Odaiba)

The ferris wheel of Odaiba

Randomly spotted a bouncy house Gachapin!

In the plaza between Megaweb and Venus Fort they had these things you could roll inside of in a kiddy pool? XD

As you can see, a lot of great things to do for your younger sibling or child. Or if you are silly like me, just a lot of things to keep your shutter clicking haha! Looking over these photos I miss those easy going days just experiencing fun things. I'm having a hard time adjusting to my new job, so it's consuming me DDX
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