A photo spam of Shinjuku Studio Alta

Hello there everyone. I just seem to disappear more and more, for that I am sorry but I can't help it at this point. I don't avoid blogging out of depression, or lack of ideas, now I don't blog because I simply don't have the time and what my blog is to me is not the same any more. Well first, as I mentioned before I have started a full time job as a weight loss counselor.

It is a really high pressure job for me, it's long hours, lots and lots and lots of tasks and responsibilities and pressure of making sure to give the clients specific and correct solutions. I've had a couple people tell me I need to do this because the pressure will push me to work harder, so I can't give up yet. Plus I don't feel like looking for another job (not like there are many jobs available nowadays).

As for this blog, I started it just to pass my idle time which I had in scores. It gained some popularity for some reason, I got noticed by companies, I got paid work from it, I expressed myself through it. After I gave into my depression and let it go for awhile, the direction my blog was taking me faded away. My blog and me stopped growing and now I wonder if I can ever get back to the path of growth.

I only have 2 days a week free now, like other hard working adults, only 2 days I can dress up and spend a couple hours for photo editing and writing. After I get chores done, I don't even care about blogging, I just want to relax. So I guess my point is, I don't know what to do at this moment.

I hope these photos of Studio Alta in Shinjuku will be more fun to view than my words were to read haha. I tried to take a variety of photos showing all the different styles you can find in Studio Alta, which doesn't house many name brands like 109 or Lumine EST do.

Some hair do-dads at Swimmer

A shop with a Harajuku street style look and used clothing

 Some retro girly styles


Every brand and style of lash haha!


Volk's show window. I actually have collected Super Dollfies since 2004, but I don't think anyone knows that anymore...

My own style is changing again. I don't feel so interested in creepy accessories lately, but I still really enjoy circle skirts and collared shirts. I'm building up a pale wardrobe right now, maybe that's something that will make me feel like blogging. Well let's see if I have something to write sunday haha.
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