It was all leading up to this - the Christmas post!

Hello everyone, remember me? Yes, it's your old friend Sara Mari! I still live but it's mostly in the real world now, and my virtual life has taken a nose dive. What a 180! haha! It used to be everything I did was related to my blog; taking photos, traveling, dressing up, shopping. Now I just work, it's very boring, but at the same time rewarding.

I mean I have always worked alot, since I was 14, but this is my first fulltime work. So even though I'm quite underpaid for someone with 2 degrees, I earn enough to buy things I like and need. It has been a long while since I had enough money to buy all the Christmas gifts for my family I want to XD When I hear people saying "I wish I could go to Japan" or "I will buy that after my parent/grandparent give me money" I just feel like telling them how great a job can be in that way haha!

So like I said, this year I could afford more gifts as I like, but looking back I wish I'd have gotten more for my Dad T__T (I'll get him a New Year's gift I guess!) That aspect of Christmas was rather nice, but the rest was tiring. I spent most of the day serving and cleaning.

This is my Christmas Tree in my room!

The Christmas card from my Friend

I got this small plant from my co-worker

My boss gave my this stocking, it was filled with high protein snacks, and supplements XD

After I wake up me and my mom exchange gifts. That is the only actually part of Christmas day that "feels like Christmas" to me. We just listening to Christmas music and take out time carefully unwrapping and talking about the gifts. This year we were busy every weekend shopping, baking, cleaning and preparing for my tiny family to come over, so these couple hours on Christmas morning are our only time to relax and feel the spirit.



This year I got fewer gifts than usual, I really had nothing to ask for! I asked for some pratical things like face cream, a vegetable peeler and clothes as usual. But I guess I really am getting old because there's nothing like "Man, I gotta have that!!" haha.

I got some pale clothing, quality earrings, scrubs for work, creepers, candy, beauty/bath items, a cookie jar, Blender Bottles, the movie Brave and some gift cards/money. Sorry I didn't get a photo of everything, just what my mom and Friend got me.


My Friend sent me this Cecil McBee sweater!

For my sensitive ears

So after the unwrapping we started preparing the turkey and dinner foods. After my Dad, uncle and Grandma arrived time went quickly, I hardly had any chance to talk to my Dad between the cooking, washing dishes, making coffee, packing up left-overs for people to take home etc. It's not a restful day at all haha.

Tomorrow I work at 7:00 so that means I'm waking up at 5:45... :/ Early to bed with me. After this week I am hoping things settle down with chores and such and I can make a few blog posts, but it will never be the same from now on.

Before all the gifts were unwrapped
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