Jan/Feb Picks! This is my recent taste!

Hi Everyone! I don't often get the chance to blog during the week, but I started preparing the pictures for this post last night and I have New Year's Day off of work. So I took this chance I have that I normally don't to write a little something. Not much but it's a step in the right direction. Perhaps I will start getting into the swing of blogging after work.

Some of you may have noticed all the clothing I got for christmas is nude and pale colored. Nothing dark, gothic, rock or creepy. I think I have enough of that to make any type of dark style outfit I'd like. But recently I am liking pale styles. Kind of like a combination of Cult Party kei and girly gyaru, with a dash of Amo thrown in!

So here are the outfits I picked out!

I Love Mama January

Popteen January

ViVi Febuary

 Zipper Febuary

Recent Tumblr picks

So I have yet to make any outfits of these styles, with pale colors and the girly silhouettes. I still am really deeply into collared shirts and high waist skirts. But in addition I like lacey textures, heavy knits, berets and flatforms. Could this be the right direction for me? I've been quite adrift in the fashion world for a long time, I'd be so happy to have a style and passion again.

I find Tumblr to be more inspiring than the magazines recently. The shopstaff, street snaps and bloggers really catch my eye with their lively and smart coordinations. I basically only read Zipper for Amo and Yura, but some months they have lots of looks I like. And ViVi is always a good staple.

Well it's New Year's Eve, I think this is the high-light of today for me. I won the measurement contest at work today (I took 5 clients body measurements) but all that got me was a chance to leave 13 minutes early :/ Perhaps tomorrow I can finally go out and shop a bit! 
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