* Sponsor Review * EOS New Adult Violet circle lens!

Hi everyone, long time no see! I wonder how I got motivation to post this? I meant to write up this review last month when I took the photos for it, but somehow the weeks passed so quickly. I can't believe tomorrow is March, yikes. Anyhow, here I am again, with a new circle lens review which I hope will be useful!

Sponsored by LensVillage.com

I was contacted by LensVillage.com last year to review some lens for them, and the lenses I chose included these EOS Adult lenses as I have always been interested in them. The new style looked especially lovely. LensVillage.com promptly shipped the lenses, and they were packed very safely and cutely! I appreciate the effort they take in packaging.

In line with my previous experiences with EOS brand circle lenses these were very comfortable. There is always a bit a need for wetting drops, but these lenses were not really drying and I was able to wear them for a full 8 hours without any particular irritation! Furthermore these lenses sat on my eyes well, I applied them easily and they didn't wander off haha.

The color on these lenses is a bit bold for a violet lens when put over light eyes like mine, and the subtle pattern stands out in flash. However in nature light these make a noticeably dolly eye, but not overly large. Violet color like this is not natural, but its a beautiful shade for circle lenses.

Overall, I was really satisfied by these lenses. I could wear them for a long time without difficulty and they made a very cute look. I personally like violet colored lenses, and for me these were a nice style and design. The outer ring is very dark so it perfect for the dolly look!

I would certainly recommend LensVillage.com as a circle lens dealer, they offered prompt and thorough customer service. The lenses arrived quickly and intact. They offer a great selection of the top circle lens brands so you are sure to find the right style for you^^
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