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Hello friends! Yes I do live, I am a busy working "adult" now, exchanging my life for money. Though I wish I could blog more, I am usually just too worn out physically and mentally to do so in my spare time. Counseling people about weight-loss all day is emotionally draining sometimes too T_T Oh that reminds me I do still intend to write about healthy weight-loss soon, there's so much misinformation out there it ticks me off! Haha!

Well let's not get too far off topic here - I wanna talk about a lovely care package I got from my friend in Japan this week! I have lots of great things I want to introduce, but this is currently the coolest to me XD

Lately I am in love with Amo and her style! If you don't know her we can't be friends she is a popular Harajuku model working for Zipper magazine. She often appears in other magazines and does collaborations with brands like Wego, Ehyphen Gallery and Candy Stripper. She also is part of a singing duo with Ayamo.

So when her photobook came out, I really wanted it! Then I saw this dress by Ehyphen Gallery....

And my friend was kind enough to order them and send them to me here in the USA. I am especially lucky because this dress is sold out now DX The pink color of the dress is really lovely because it's so pale, I don't have any clothing with such a color! The book is small and thin, but the pictures are beautiful, and interesting. My favorite part is about Amo's room, it's so cute and inspiring I feel like working on my room decor too haha. Well enjoy some more photos...

I have lots of great clothing that I've been thrifting lately, which I hope to show soon, and plan to use for a style that takes some inspiration from Amo. She's so cute and sweet, I don't think I can ever look like that. But what I love is she is so tall, it makes it easier for me to identify with her. I mean our bodies are more similar than me compared with other Japanese models haha!

My wall art in my room is also Amo! Well it's quite economical to use old magazine pages as wall art! I know there isn't a huge amount of content in this post, but I have some specific posts in mind so hopefully I'll make those happen XD

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