The other side of Harajuku

Hi there! I was asked/told to post again so here I am. Luckily I have today off and no plans (I never have plans...) so I had a bit of time to edit photos for a new Japan post! I know it's been so long since I've written anything about Japan, it almost feel like my memories of Japan are from another life or someone else's. It's a very strange feeling. I guess I'm lucky to have experienced SO much already in my life, but unfortunately now I don't know what to do with my future haha!

Well I'm not here to ramble about my life problems, I'm here to talk about Harajuku. Lately I'm getting more in Harajuku styles than Shibuya styles so it's kinda a nice topic for me haha! I did spend alot more time in Harajuku during my last trip to Tokyo in October as well, though I honestly don't know that much about it besides the tourist spots.

I'm sure we all know Avantgarde by now XD

And here's Nadia!

So I took some time to explore Harajuku beyond Kiddyland, Takashita Dori and Meiji Shrine! The back streets of Harajuku are home to some of the trendiest boutique shops and the haunts of the well known street snap models. After walking down Takashita dori from the Station, I crossed over to Harajuku street and wandered a bit.

Now I honestly don't know this area well so I hesitated to wander too far. I tried to just let my naturally good sense of direction be my guide and snap a few photos. I did luckily get to see some shops I'd only heard of/seen on the internet so that was fun!

My goal when I go back to Tokyo (if I go back) is to find more shops and see more of Harajuku. The brands I like now have changed alot since October haha! Now I am into Ehyphen Gallery, Syrup, Milk, etc.

 I know going off on your own when you are in a foreign city can be scary or daunting, but I think it's really worth it too! When I got away from Takashita dori there were so many less people, especially less tourists. It's really funny to think of all the times I have been to Japan this was the first time I went on the back streets of Harajuku.

As I mentioned before I don't know what to do about my future and going to Japan again. I see so many people saying "I'm going to Japan on xxxx" and I feel a bit of jealously (which is silly since I've been there 9 times, and I could pack up and go there right now if I wanted) but at the same time I feel I don't have any need to. I also really want to move out on my own! Too many decisions!
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