Recent gets ~ Thrifting and purchasing!

Hello again! I feel pretty excited I can blog again so soon, I won't be able to again until the weekend, but this is alot for me now haha. I miss the days when I could blog everyday! I don't really have alot going on now in my life besides work and trying to get to the next day. But I still have tons of photos from Japan, and Disneyworld. Plus if I work on my body and mind I'll have more coordinates haha.

I say that because I have gotten/found many awesome clothing items recently! I've mostly gotten them through thrifting which is not only a fun treasure hunt, I can find unique and brand name items at prices like 1.50$-3.00$ haha! After getting into thrifting it's really hard to go back to regular clothing stores which are just endless aisles of the same things over and over.

I can be satisfied by shopping at just a few stores and the thrift shops. I really wish I could do some Japanese brand shopping but I'd hate to bother my friend with it! So here are a few of my favorite buys in the past couple months. I mean I have plenty more I got so I needed to edit XD

Got this on sale at Urban Outfitters, cute shirt dress! 

Victoria's Secret slip - Thrifted

 Cute ruffled dress on sale from F21

White dress I thrifted for 2.50$ Added a rosette to make it even cuter!

Sheer shirt from F21

Sheer rose covered cami from Victoria's Secret - thrifted

Cropped cami on sale from F21

Sheer cami from the Gap - thrifted

Embellished rose cami from Banana Republic - thrifted

 Two lacey camis from Rampage - Thrifted

Anne Klein ruffled cardigan - thrifted

Sheer lace peplum top from Marshalls

Cropped waffle knit F21 sweater - thrifted

Angora cable knit sweater from The Limited - thrifted

Well that was alot at once, I hope not too much! Some of the items were particularly exciting to find! It's really hard for me to find things like dresses and skirts. Plus the nude, pale and pink colors I am doing are not the most popular. My wardrobe is getting pretty cool! I do need to move some things out though, so maybe a sale is coming up haha!
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